Biker Chain Skull and Cross Pendant


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Buy this biker chain cross pendant and have all eyes on your… well not your eyes. Based off of a basic motorcycle chain cross design, this features a small Screaming Skull backed by a pair of crossed drumsticks with a ring chain support. On each end of the chain cross are four more human skulls peering inward. This piece screams “God Almighty” in more ways than one. Choose from a shiny standard or a darkened antique finish. Each of these high quality silver cross biker pendants comes with a Slade signature and the SOTD authenticity stamp.

2.75″ x 2.0″

Inches Millimeters
.25 in 6.35 mm
.5 in 12.7 mm
.75 in 19.05 mm
1.0 in 25.4 mm
1.25 in 31.75 mm
1.5 in 38.1 mm
1.75 in 44.45 mm
2.0 in 50.8 mm
2.25 in 57.15 mm
2.5 in 63.5 mm
2.75 in 69.85
3.0 in 76.2 mm
3.25 in 82.55 mm
3.5 in 88.9 mm
3.75 in 95.25 mm
4.0 in 101.6 mm


Each one of our Signature Custom Jewelry Designs are hand crafted or hand finished by Slade, Miller or one of our team in the USA. Cast from fine .925 sterling silver which is also smelted in the USA. Every piece of jewelry comes with Chris Slade’s signature on the back and our Spirit of the Drum .925 quality stamp. Pendants come with 20” braided leather chord with .925 sterling silver clasp included in the price.

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