Six Skull Belt Buckle


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Six skull antiqued belt buckle with black eyes.

3.5″ x 3.0″    150 gm of silver.

Inches Millimeters
.25 in 6.35 mm
.5 in 12.7 mm
.75 in 19.05 mm
1.0 in 25.4 mm
1.25 in 31.75 mm
1.5 in 38.1 mm
1.75 in 44.45 mm
2.0 in 50.8 mm
2.25 in 57.15 mm
2.5 in 63.5 mm
2.75 in 69.85
3.0 in 76.2 mm
3.25 in 82.55 mm
3.5 in 88.9 mm
3.75 in 95.25 mm
4.0 in 101.6 mm


Each one of our Signature Custom Jewelry Designs are hand finished. Cast from fine .925 sterling silver, every piece of jewelry comes with Chris Slade’s signature on the back and our Spirit of the Drum .925 quality stamp. Price includes 20” braided leather chord with sterling silver clasp, made in America.

How It's Made

How It's Made

These substantial buckles are very heavy, thick, and custom hand-cut.

First they are assembled in wax by hand, then, believe it or not they are placed in the desert sun to fuse together before they are cast in .925 Sterling silver.  They are then hand-cut with a jeweler’s saw and a silver plate is soldered on the back which is cut once more to bring out the detail.  Finally the buckles are polished by hand to an antiqued finish.

Read more about how we make these amazing belt buckles.


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