“That looks good on’ya!!”, says everyone who saw you wear any shirt from Spirit of the Drum.

We don’t make apparel too often, but what’s a rock shop without some roadie gear? Drummers, drum techs, lighting crew, stage crew, electrics, audio techs, even band members want to be part of the family. And what better way to say you’re part of the concert experience than with an official piece of Spirit of the Drum apparel.

All of our series t-shirts are made from the finest materials and made right here in the US of A. Great for men or women. No imports or overseas labor employed, made in America, by Americans, for… well… us really, but for YOU to buy and love and feel warmer now that the peyote is wearing off and loose soft clothing no longer feels restrictive to your soul. oops… sorry… having a little flashback…

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