About The Rings:

The Spirit of the Drum rings are all designed or hand-crafted by Slade, Miller or one of their team in The USA. Currently consisting of the limited edition Battered Skulls and the standard Screaming Skull, this ensemble of silver skull rings showcases both women and mens rings alike.

Each unique piece is made from 925 grade sterling silver and can be perfectly finished with a standard or a blackened antique finish. Most rings can be made or adjusted to your ring size; however, the custom made Battered Skulls have a molded size that can only be adjusted slightly from what is listed in the description.

Let your hand show the craftsmanship of the Spirit of the Drum with one of these hearty pieces of jewelry.

Caring for your Ring:

Over time, oxidization and tarnishing will occur to the standard finished rings. Sometimes, this brings out the character of the ring, other times it dulls a very brilliant finish.

For rings with a standard or non antiqued finish, any high quality consumer level silver polish will do fine. Also, amany at home methods which are readily found on the internet will be effective.

For rings with an antiqued finish, we recommend to not use a consumer level silver polish as this may damage the antiquing. If you need to have your ring cleaned, please contact us and we can recommend the best cleaning method for your ring.


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