The Method of Mayhem

All artists have a very particular set of skills. Likewise, each artist use their skills in a very unique manner that produces an outcome that defies categorization. Welcome to our method of mayhem that creates the Metal Mayhem silver pendant ensemble.

Metal Mayhem exists as an ensemble because we like taking seemingly unusable pieces of silver and fashioning them into something quite unexpected. Much like found art sculpture, these unisex pendants are never predetermined or planned. Often formed from scraps or happy accidents in the shop, nobody, not even the artist, knows what the end result will look like. Sometimes, we see something going wrong in the shop and instead of stopping and worrying that it’s a mistake, we let it run its course and often end up with something truly neat.

Listen, entertainingly, to Spirit of the Drum Co-Owner and Jeweler Brett Miller talk about his method of mayhem for creating the Metal Mayhem silver pendant series and about a couple pieces in particular that he created and what wackiness went into them.

The piece in the video are Metal Mayhem 6, Metal Mayhem 3, and Metal Mayhem 2. Metal Mayhem 13 is coming soon!

All the pieces shown below in this ensemble are true one of a kind and really have no ability to be replicated. So, when you’re looking through this ensemble, enjoy the uniqueness and enjoy the mayhem!


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