Making the Belt Buckles

Slade working on applying acid to a newly designed belt buckle. Just in case you were wondering… Slade is a very active part of the jewelry sold on this site.

As with many pieces of our jewelry that we wish to replicate, we first begin by creating a mold of the design. Then, a wax piece is created from the mold. This process makes it easy for us to create unique patterns in the way the final piece will look.

Then we assemble the individual wax pieces to form the larger composite buckle. The nice thing about Las Vegas in the summer is that we can let the mold fuse together in the midday sun where temperatures can reach upwards of 115°F/46.11°C.

Then once the silver is cast and hardened, we begin the finishing process of antiquing, brushing, yelling at, drinking with, and going on contemplative hikes with the piece before we move onto naming it and taking its picture.

Finally, it is done and ends up here, as the two below, for you to purchase.


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