Chris Slade and Brett Miller

Chris Slade is more famously known as the drummer for the legendary band AC/DC, a position he has attained not once but twice in his over 50-year career working with such people as Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers, David Gilmour, Tom Jones and many other Rock-Stars, so when AC/DC’s “Rock or Bust” World Tour ended in 2016 Slade and Miller finally combined their talents and Spirit of the Drum Jewelry was founded. Their backgrounds explain the name.

The concept of Spirit of the Drum started over 15 years ago when drummer Chris Slade and drummer/drum-tech Brett Miller both worked with the band ASIA. Both being road-dogs they found a mutual interest in rock music and also design and jewelry and would discuss these while traveling on the tour-bus.

Slade spent three years in Art college learning how to maximize his talent in drawing, sculpture, painting and design. Miller is a trained jeweler and gemologist. The mental mould was made at this meeting of minds and talent for Spirit of the Drum.

The jewelry pieces are all hand finished and made entirely in The USA using American smelted silver or gold or a combination of both with the additional use of precious or semi-precious gems in some.

There is rigorous quality control employed by the partners and their team to ensure that every piece leaves the manufacturing process in the very best condition.

Slade would never allow his signature on a poor quality piece and every piece that leaves will have his signature on it.

We hope you enjoy looking at, buying and more importantly wearing our jewelry, so please take your own tour through this Spirit of the Drum site.

We believe it’s the epitome of our Rock ‘n’ Roll lifestyle

Rock On

And Dance to your own Drum

Chris Slade Autograph
Brett Miller Autograph

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